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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

Who Is Ryan Roth?

While it is usually fairly straightforward to call a person by their name, Ryan Roth is a different case all together. Born as Ryan Flynn, he is most commonly known as Ryan Roth, with the occasional appearance as Dr. Ryan F. Roth, Ryan R. or Dr. Flynn.

Appearances are everything, a saying not coined by Mr Roth himself, but rather a life motto he has adapted very early on in his adolescence. From an early age on, Ryan realised he was born for greater things and didn’t care much for the average Joes surrounding him, including his own family. ‘Always the smartest person in the room’ is how he likes to describes himself on many occasions, picking out astrally abstract political or meta-philosophical topics to be discussed with mind blowing confidence. Picking a topic so far out and abstract makes you appear a genius in front of the average Joe crowd with ease, even if you don’t understand the matter at hand yourself. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Starting off with Mr. Flynn’s intellectual appearance may seem as the uncommon choice, however it is his unfathomable intellectual talent to explain someone with sheer confidence that the earth is flat, that is his most outstanding feature. Moving on to the physical appearance, Ryan Roth is a somewhat untrained, 6’1 good looking middle aged man with just the right amount of stubble, curly brown hair and extravagant eyelashes to win over the hearts of any young and gullible woman in sight.

Women play a special role in the life of Mr Flynn, especially ones easily impressed with the access to a certain amount of funds in their bank account. Young, impressionable starlets of high society with daddy’s trust fund backing are his favourite prey.

Trust funds and impressionable young ladies of high society shall bring us to the main part of Mr Roth’s life: scams. Ryan is an avid scammer, starting off very young, getting paid for delivering newspapers he never delivered all the way to faking his own death numerous times, with the same suicide note copy & pasted over and over again.

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