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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

Living in Thailand is a dream for many, international fraudster Ryan Roth made it a (fake) reality, but obviously not without defrauding a member of Thailand’s high society and making an innocent Japanese girl as well as her cat homeless.

Back in 2014 Ryan was the (fake) CEO of Vagabond World Ltd, another one of his scam bound companies registered in the UK, providing services like graphic design, DJ Management and brand design. Perhaps a little sprinkle of solving poverty on the side in order to attract more helpless angel investors.

Ryan Roth's Fraudulent Bangkok Fairy Tale
Ingenious brand naming by yours truly

As you can see, Ryan was living in one of the fairly expensive ivory towers in Bangkok that many expats call their home. However, this of course wasn’t his own apartment but rather rented by his Japanese ex girlfriend at the time. The household included Ryan, his girlfriend and a little cat called Kabu, informed readers will notice the mysterious foreshadowing for one of Ryan’s biggest scam companies yet to come to fruition. According to our fraudsters suicide note, which he left behind in Bangkok later on, he must have run out of money as he tried to apply his non existent real world skills to the working professional world of Bangkok. All while mooching off his girlfriend at the time.

Ryan Roth's Fraudulent Bangkok Fairy Tale
Worthless excuse for a man – A rare glimpse at Ryan Roth’s honesty?

So what happened here exactly, you may ask? In short, Ryan got close to a member of Bangkok’s high society – none other than the daughter of Miracle Hotel Group owner, all while living with his Japanese girlfriend at the time. When it became abundantly clear that his new high society victim could provide plentiful due to her father’s plentiful deep pockets, our fraudster decided to kick out his own girlfriend and her cat out her OWN apartment under the pretence of being depressed, essentially rendering her homeless. You cannot make this stuff up.

To top things off, both these girls were involved in Ryan’s previous Kickstarter scam ‘Malala Coffee’. His Japanese ex did the website and graphic designs, while his high society side chick funded the company plentiful. When things came to an end with her (as all of Ryan’s relationships eventually end up), he decided to defraud her and record phone conversations as well as Line text messages as a proof of her ‘mental instability’ and ‘sad proof’.

Read more about how Ryan Flynn Roth’s Thailand fairy tale finally evolves to an epic chase out of Thailand to Tel Aviv in part II of this story.

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  1. Has anyone tried to track whom this piece of shit Mr. Ryan Flynn Roth worked with at Malala Coffee Company beside his ex japanese gf and ex thailand gf he scammed and used?

    I saw the one of the Brand Ambassador Richard Kyle or Richo Kyle -who is one Indonesia’s celebrity- ever worked with him in Malala Coffee. Then after some years he became one of the supporters for Mr. Ryan Flynn Roth’s event in Bali, TedEx Canggu in 2018 and also the Brand Ambassador for Mr. Ryan Flynn Roth’s another company, KaBu & Co in the same time since 2018.

    How can a person like Richard Kyle or Richo Kyle could involved himself in serial scammer like Ryan Flyn Roth?

  2. This is all golden thank you for sharing these stories. Was following this guy for a while but he seemed to all go quiet but now saw the suicide article and now it is all kicking off. Can’t believe how shit this man is to so many people including lovers and family he belongs in jail it’s disgusting. He stole money from his Mom and Grandma.

    Years ago he wrote a blog where he promoted himself as some kind of messiah to save the world and said that 99% of people hated him and just 1% would love him. It sounds like 1% is optimistic. I hope he goes to jail, using charity to con people is disgusting.

    I can’t add much about Ryan that hasn’t been said but he was a seriously lazy person. He had aspirations of being the next Bill Gates but just sat around on his butt all day. He steals from others because he is too lazy to work for himself.

    I hope all the juicy stories keep coming. I like how you posted proof of it all as well.

    And a message for Ryan if he reads this which I expect he will. “You are the nastiest person I have ever met. This is the legacy you have left behind for yourself and you will have to live with that. We are all human and some people actually enjoy helping others and making a positive difference. You are just a selfish scumbag who takes from others for his own sake.”

    • Hey Chris, thanks so much for commenting! The blog you’re referring to is ‘The White Orchid Foundation’, quite fascinating, entertaining and horrid at the same time 🙂
      Many more stories to tell, so stay tuned…

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for commenting! I actually saw that comment a while ago. It looks like Ryan perhaps wrote it himself; ‘slander’ is a word often used by him when somebody calls him out.

  3. A MacQueen Reply

    How very interesting this blog is! Please keep up the posts and continue to share. It would be very difficult for someone like him to hide away forever.

    I met him in Bangkok in 2014 through my ex bf RK. Ryan stayed in touch over the years with the occasional message updating me on his life & ‘work’ projects through till December 2019.

    I remember congratulating him on his engagement (May 2016) as the status update appeared on my Facebook feed, but he quickly wrote to say he didn’t get engaged and he had no idea why people were congratulating him. Very odd!

    He actually sent some herbal tea from Bali to the UK for my Dad (who was going through chemo at the time) which makes all of this so bizarre, as we were barely close!

    I’m so intrigued by this story, it should be turned into a book. 😳

    • Thanks for your comment! I reckon he stayed in touch in order to eventually scam you, glad that didn’t happen 🙂 New post coming soon, fairly delayed but it’s gonna be very interesting!

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