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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

People faking their own death is certainly nothing new. Some pseudocides are well executed, taking into account every possible detail that could reveal the hoax, while others are awe-fully amateurish in execution, which, of course, brings us to the disappearance of Ryan Roth.

To people working with Ryan in any of his hundreds of fake companies over the years, it becomes abundantly clear that execution isn’t his strong suit. Following through with the simplest of tasks, such as signing a piece of paper for the bank, sending an email to a potential client or simply showing up on time to a meeting. Perhaps these laborious chores are simply beneath Ryan Roth, who’s unparalleled genius simply does not want to waste time and effort on these worldly efforts.

The Awe-fully executed disappearance of Ryan Roth
How to fake your own death 101, the scene of Ryan’s ‘suicide’ in Uluwatu, Bali.

After Ryan’s most recent scam company called ‘Kabu & Co’ was slowly breaking into pieces due to many key members leaving over Mr Roth’s monumental monetary policies, it was time to bid farewell once again. In fact, Ryan Roth has already committed pseudocide once before when living another life altogether in Bangkok, Thailand. We shall keep this glamorous chapter of his life for another post, though.

Back to the topic at hand, after having raised somewhere around USD 1MM with Kabu & Co (this is what could roughly be accounted for) and securing his most recent investment over USD 100k, Mr Roth decided to throw in the towel (quite literally as you can see in above picture) once more. With his girlfriend at the time picking up on Ryan’s strange behaviour like hiding cash reserves in safes, she decided to break up the relationship. What followed was a week-long intense effort of finding out who the person that she let into her life really was. Being a millennial, web archive research was no stranger to her and she slowly discovered the frivolous past activities of our oh so mysterious Ryan Flynn.

After she decided to confront our beloved scam artist together with another business partner at the time, Ryan Roth once again decided to make a run for it. However, his disappearance obviously didn’t come without any preceding theatrical drama like starving himself or locking oneself into a room in a hotel, conveniently run by his conned ex-business partner at the time. Even in the most stressful and hopeless situations Ryan Flynn always finds a way to get a freebie.

Stay tuned for part II of the awe-fully executed disappearance of Ryan Roth, where I will be sharing more details about the things left behind and how even the suicide note was a copy & paste effort connected to Ryan’s past life in Thailand.


  1. Great blog thanks for this, i’m Ryan’s uncle, i’m trying to gather as much info on his scams as i can. If you wish to share anything you know or would like anything i have then let me know. Recently i submitted a report to the action fraud divisions of the uk police, i haven’t heard back from them yet but i’ve been gathering info for 10 yrs on him, scam go back 20 yrs. There’s a couple of podcasts by unknown passage about him, i’m interviewed on the second one. I need more people to come forward with details of how they’ve been scammed by him.

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