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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

Disgruntled angel investors having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Ryan Roth’s so called companies would probably like to know where all their funds ended up.

While not all funds were straight up siphoned by Mr Roth, some actually ended up being invested into the growth of his latest scam venture, Kabu & Co. Salaries needed to be paid to maintain Kabu’s employees and partners and obviously for hundreds of flights for Ryan to find new victims all over the world: Denmark, UK, Sweden, China, Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia just to name a few.

When going on a trip to raise new investment, why not also bring your girlfriend along to entertain you when you’re not busy lying through your teeth about return on equity, partnerships and revenue estimates? Ryan Roth is well known for his jet setting lifestyle as well as for his subpar 6th grade math skills when raising investment. Spend USD 5,000 on flights, hotels and food for yourself and your girlfriend to potentially raise USD 5,000 from yet another angel investor victim is all fair game in the world of Prof. Ryan Flynn Roth’s unprecedented investment 101.

Having covered where all the ‘business related’ expenses went, where did the rest of the money go? Ryan has a plethora of bank accounts all around the world, where every time a new investment was raised, funds were siphoned off to. Having raised USD 100,000 from an angel investor? Tell the team you raised USD 80,000 and transfer the remaining funds to one of these bank accounts immediately:

  • N26 Germany
  • Lloyds UK
  • HSBC Hong Kong
  • Kasikorn Thailand
  • Rabo Bank Netherlands
  • UOB Singapore
  • DBS Singapore
  • OCBC Singapore
Ryan Roth scam Hong Kong
Need cash in Thailand? Scam someone in HK and quickly siphon the funds.

The list of personal bank accounts goes on, sharing the full scope would probably get me past the recommended word count for SEO purposes.

Another favourite money management technique in the house of Ryan Roth would be to not pay your employees or coffee farmers you’re sworn to bring out of poverty for weeks at a time while paying your girlfriend twice the negotiated salary in order to maintain your shiny social life to attract more potential investment victims.

Got another story about Ryan’s famous investment scams to share? Comment below and let us all indulge in the never ending maze of convoluted logical abstracts of Mr Ryan Roth’s mind.

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