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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

In the previous post I shared more information about Ryan Roth’s pathetically executed pseudocide on Bali back in January 2020. Having lived so many fraudulent lives, Ryan was obviously prepared to disappear quickly by faking his own death at any time. In this post we shall have a closer look at his previous disappearances, how they are awfully similar to recent times and last but not least the psychotic mind behind it all.

If you’re familiar with Ryan Roth’s disappearance on Bali you’ve most likely seen the trinkets left behind, including a fake suicide note addressed to his ex girlfriend at the time.

Ryan Roth Suicide Note
Written by a criminal mastermind or 3rd grade student?

I’m sorry Alice. I’m the man you fell in love with, but past things I never did make you feel like I was a stranger. I will always love you xx None of this is your fault.

Your old man xx

Ryan Roth, Fake suicide 101

Looking at this note, which seems like it’s been written by a third grader who’s lunch money has just been stolen, we can tell that his ex girlfriend must have come across some evidence of Ryan’s glorious past. Having obtained the majority of Mr Roth’s personal files, it seems obvious that he loves to follow the same scheme to a tee every single time:

Befriend (and later make her your girlfriend) a somewhat gullible but influential Asian girl who’s daddy has deep pockets, bond over either cats or dogs (even though you don’t particularly like either), accept investment money for a fake company and eventually disappear into the dark void of fake suicide. Below is an excerpt of another one of Mr Roth’s many suicide notes, this time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Come on Ryan, again?
The little cat’s name foreshadows Ryan’s biggest scam company yet

Serial entrepreneur suicider Ryan Flynn Roth definitely has some hidden gems yet to discover, which is the purpose of this blog. Including all of these little somewhat related stories into one blog post is a Sisyphean task and we shall therefore pick this up in another post.

Do you have any additional insider information about any of Ryan’s fake suicides in the past? Please comment below and share this post with friends of yours who might find some kind of closure in my nonchalant writings about Mr Roth’s frivolous past.


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    Do you know if Ryan harmed the kitten in any way? I know him in France many years ago and we were at his home and he started hitting a dog on head with his hands. He did it to be funny and we were surprised and told him to stop. If he hurt kitten also he might hurt a lot of animals. He was always very suspicious man. Ryan post on Facebook about supporting a charity to protect animals and I was surprised because what he did to dog.

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t have any hard proof of him hurting the cat, however in his later life he generally pretended to care for animals. What I do know is that he ousted his Japanese ex gf and her cat from her own apartment where he was living, under the pretence of depression, while getting engaged to a high-society Thai girl. So I reckon in some way he’s hurt the cat in doing so…

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