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Ryan Roth's fraudulent life across the globe

In part 1 of Ryan Roth’s fraudulent fairy tale in Bangkok, I shed some light on his latest scam ‘Malala Coffee’, how he made his ex girlfriend homeless, defrauded his high society affair of hundreds of thousands of dollars and finally had to bail the country. In this post we shall have a look at how things panned out from here and where Ryan finally ended up.

As you can see in the screenshots in the previous post, the dad of Ryan’s high society love affair didn’t appreciate his daughter being defrauded so he had our favourite fraudster followed as well as his phone tapped. If you’ve been to Thailand for a while, you know how easy it is to pull tricks like this, especially if you have enough funds and therefore wield power.

Ryan Roth must have realised his time has run out and that he may have picked the wrong person to scam. So where did he go from here, you may ask? From audio recordings sent to his Japanese ex girlfriend he freshly made homeless, he quickly hopped on a flight to Tel Aviv. This information could be gathered from a voice note he recorded while in Tel Aviv.

Ryan Roth, back to the old self: The mentally challenged self

We’ve cut this audio file down to the essentials as we’re wary of our reader’s sanity not to listen to a mentally 6 year old primary schooler whingeing on about seeking forgiveness and retribution from an innocent girl he essentially just made homeless.

Moving on from here, you can see that Malala Coffee, Ryan’s latest (Kickstarter) scam, slowly died down. According to him caused by the downfall of the GBP. The GBP indeed crashed about ~15% back in 2016, however why accept GBP on Kickstarter in the first place if you’re a Thai based coffee company or, in fact, not a registered company at all (no Malala Coffee to be found on the UK company house website). Any person with the tiniest glimpse of business acumen would have bothered to look into the FX rate when accepting international payments. If you however failed primary school and were busy demanding fruit salads from your emotionally abused mother instead of focusing on achieving any kind of general education, you perhaps missed looking into this.

Ryan Roth’s Fraudulent Bangkok Fairy Tale Part II
Scam In a Cup – Malala Coffee

So, what else does a scammer have to be worried about after he freshly defrauded his love affair, kicked out his girlfriend out of her own apartment, had to skip the country due to a potential assassination by highly connected & corrupt business men? Well, genital herpes would be one thing that comes to mind:

Can pathological lying cause genital herpes? Apparently so.

Do you have any additional info to piece the fraudulent affairs of Ryan Roth together into one coherent picture? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I knew Ryan since we were children. We went to school together we had the same cycle of friends. Happy to open up on the Ryan we knew and how we could see his decline.

  2. I think Ryan had a lot of different lovers. When I knew him in France he fell in love with a different woman every month. Each one he would talk about how amazing they were like they were his future wife. He used to give me tips about how to treat my fiance thinking he was a relationship expert but I ignored it all as thought if he was such an expert why he have a different girl every month.

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